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Scott Gorham World



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I started getting cluster headaches around 1978. They’re the granddaddy of the migraine world and are even nicknamed ‘the suicide headache’. I’d feel them coming on, and that might mean four hours or more of intense pain. There are so many different triggers that could bring them on, though. Some people said they were caused by peanuts, so I would never have peanuts. Or red wine, because there’s an enzyme in the skin of the red grape that could set them off. So I’ve never had a glass of red wine since 1978, just in case. Nothing stopped them, though.

The crazy thing is I never had them when we were on tour. It was only when I came home though, and started to decompress. They didn’t stop until Phil and I walked away from Thin Lizzy and they just melted away. The doctor told me, “This is your brain protecting you, while you’re touring, because it’s an important business. But as soon as you relax, your brain's not protecting you any longer.” Years later, when I remembered all the pain I used to go through, I started drawing this character. That’s why the bone is going into the right-hand side, because I always used to get the stabbing pain behind the right eye. (ca.1978)

This Original’ artwork has been printed on German Etching Matt Fine Art Textured, 310gsm, white 100% a-cellulose Hahnemuhle Paper. This paper guarantees archival standards.

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